This pack is suitable for teachers and parents of children aged three to fourteen and is composed of four books and a video. The overall approach is experiential with ideas, activities and games on co-operation in the classroom and the home and also in the wider context of caring for the natural world.


This is a book containing many ideas for parents and teachers to experience with their children. There are sections on: A positive self-concept; creativity; communication; co-operation, getting on with others and peaceful conflict resolution. Each heading has its own page with a paragraph or two on the educational approach to the particular theme and the book is lavishly illustrated with photographs and drawings.
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This is an exciting illustrated collection of over 300 games and sports which put co-operation before competition and make everyone a winner ! Each game is coded to indicate at a glance the age groups most likely to enjoy it. People with disabilities can take part too: suitable games are specially marked. You will find traditional party games, circle games, musical, board and guessing games, games for the lively and energetic, for the drama-minded or the artistic, nature games and parachute games. There are also a number of co-operative sports and a selection of games from around the world. Playing games will never be the same again.
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This is a lively and colourful video film illustrating many of the games in 'Let's Play Together'. it includes popular games such as 'Dragon's Tail'; 'Lapsit'; 'Blind Partners' and also explores the delights of parachute games including 'Mongolian Tent', 'Sharks' and 'Cat and Mouse'. The video is informative as well as pleasurable to watch and can encourage parents, teachers and club leaders to try out parachute games. Parachutes as shown in the film are also available for sale on enquiry.
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This is a book to help parents and teachers and their children to get in touch with nature and to care for the planet. It contains over 500 ideas for activities and 150 illustrations, including: making things from nature; conducting experiments; growing plants; nature games; seasonal celebrations; exploring the countryside and conservation in the home and the environment. Children from ages 3 to 14 will find plenty of scope for enjoying the natural world and as they grow older will be encouraged to take an active role in helping to protect the planet from the many dangers which threaten it.
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This is essentially a practical book to help teachers and parents to work with their children to prevent bullying in the school situation, also to deal with it when it occurs.

The conclusion is that with everyone co-operating, both in the long and the short term, whilst we cannot completely eradicate bullying from our schools, we can free a great majority of pupils from this scourge which has for so long been the plague of countless generations.
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